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'Don't You Dare Buy a Property with Out Having One of Our Trained Experts Do a Building Report on your Property'

Home Inspection ApprovedWhy did I issue such a stern warning?

Because imagine how bad it would feel to purchase your 'dream home' or investment property only to find that you have just lost 10's of thousands of dollars the second you signed the contract due to hidden building defects?

We have done thousands of home inspections and have found that even in the most innocent looking houses there can be structural defects, or maintenance issues that can knock thousands of dollars of the value of your house like 10 pin bowling skittles.

The truth is whether it is your home or an investment property it is easy to let your emotions get in the way. Making an emotional decision can often lead you into a financial nightmare.

The Brutal Truth

This is because if it is found that major repairs are needed in your property before you sign the contract you can make it a condition of your purchase that the problem be rectified. If problems are found after you sign the dotted line you will be responsible for the entire rectification cost. Alternatively, if you do find that repairs are necessary, you will be in a strong position to re-negotiate the purchase price.

That is why you need to be able to count on someone who is there to look after your best interest. Our independent inspectors are highly trained qualified individuals who are not affected by the emotion attached to purchasing a property. They will give you the no holds barred real deal on the current state of your potential new property.

What Exactly is a Building Report?

A building report is a visual inspection of all the visible and accessible areas. The main aim of a building inspection is to determine if any significant maintenance or repair issues are needed.

Our inspector will view the property and compare it with other properties of similar age and construction. You will be advised of any major repairs or concerns so you can best make an informed decision.

Why Use Us For Your Building Report?

The reason we are the Number 1 choice for thousands of Australian property buyers is because doing pre-purchase reports are the sole focus of our business. This means we are highly experienced, efficient and you can rely on us to do the job right.

Other key benefits of using our service include:

  • We give you a full and comprehensive report of your home's building and maintenance issues
    To see the full extent of our service: Download a sample building report
  • We give you prompt and reliable service so you can get your house sooner.
  • We give you your report in plain language you can understand not mumbo jumbo.

Your Next Best Step:

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