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Why do I need an inspection?

It is a fact that most people spend more time looking at a car before buying it than they do looking at a new home.

When you look at a property, you are usually focused on the property's features. Most properties are bought with the "heart" and not the "head". It takes an impartial expert to look at a property for any problems, defects or maintenance issues without being burdened with the emotion associated with such a big decision.

This is why it is very important that you obtain a pre-purchase inspection BEFORE you finally commit to a property.

What kind of report do I need?

Buying a house

If you are buying a house, you should get a pest report and a building report. They are two separate reports and they report on completely different issues. Don't be fooled by thinking that a building inspection is all you need. A pest inspection is also very important.

Buying a unit

If you are buying a unit, villa or townhouse, you should at least get a Strata Inspection Report as a minimum. You should also seriously consider a pest and building inspection report.


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